Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day happened for me today

Across the country last weekend mothers were celebrated. For this Mama of a blended family of 5 I chose to wait until I had all my kids home with me. Last week my daughter wanted to spend the day with her paternal Grandmother she is very close to and my step daughter with her own Mother.

Well today it was all about me. My hubs got up early and got me Starbucks coffee. We laid around until around ten, then as a family we all went to the Oakland Zoo. Sure we go there a lot, but not a lot with my hubs. This made it all the more special to me. Somehow my kids must share my love of animals since they never seem to tire of zoos.

The kids for the most part where well behaved. Some trouble with Joe at first but we have come to expect that. He's not the kind of child that adapts well to a change in routine. Halfway through the day Sonny -- who gives us two kinds of challenges at any given time -- gave us the manic, overly tired four-year-old routine. This is when he stops listening, runs off and behaves poorly. But things worked out. I followed him and the hubs looked at animals with the other four children, then we traded. When it became too much he neatly fit right into my Ergo Baby backpack, where he becomes a cuddler and calms down.

Not a typical day, but a good one. As I may have mentioned before I am in love with my family. Please enjoy some of our zoo photos.

Hubs loving on Declan when he fell.

My oldest daughter Marysa and I.

A Sun Bear. Super cute. My kids favorite.

The alligators fence always freaks me out because of how short it is. I don't worry the alligators will get out, but I worry my boys would try to climb it if given a chance.

Sonny with a Pygmy goat.

Declan with a Pygmy goat. He calls them babies.

Tanner brushing a goat.

My hubs hanging out with some goats.

Joey patting a Pygmy goat he had been chasing.

Declan singing and jumping. This child has music in his soul.

Hubs checking the score in game 7.

The girls putting on a singing a dancing show.

Freeze frame of a cool dance move.

Sonny singing and dancing to an original Sonny tune.

My hubs and I.

Tanner on her hog.

Fireman Sonny.

Oakland, CA

I could have touched the wallabies. There is no fence and the train was stopped waiting for an emu to get off the tracks.Very cool experience.


Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways said...

How cool! It looks like you enjoyed yourselves :)

Mary said...

It was so fun. Thank you!