Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Weight Loss Journal

170 pounds. Down 28 pounds.

As promised a photo of my loss. Feeling very proud. I'm still eating about 1200 calories a day and tracking on MyFitnessPal app for my Droid. I'm still walking when I can and doing light gardening. I'm noticing more often that I can't finish what I put on my plate. This is good, that means I'm developing portion control and my stomach is starting to recognize when enough is enough. Yes I still eat junk. If you didn't know I love McDonalds. I don't order fries or hash browns anymore. I go for snack wraps over burgers and I am drinking a ton of Diet Coke. I do eat healthy as well. I usually don't eat a huge breakfast like I use to. I had to erase the phrase from my thoughts 'Start your day with a healthy breakfast' and replace it with 'grab a piece of fruit when you start feeling hungry'

I have a giant bowl of fruit on my kitchen counter filled with 10 pounds of Cuties,  5 pounds organic small Gala apples, at least 10 medium sized bananas. In the fridge I keep tons of strawberries and cherries on the shelf where they are the first thing I see opening the door. Here's my tip....none of the fruit I buy gets put in a drawer or takes a lot of preparation and is small so I don't need to eat anything giant. The other phase good to erase from memory is 'clean your plate, there are starving children'.

My self image is improving. I am border line confidant to not put my big pants away in my closest for the next time I balloon up but actually donate them. With the help of my hubs and photo taking children I will be posting my exercises a few at a time I can do before I even get out of bed and loose inches in my waist.

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