Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Heinys Trainer Review

I love Happy Heinys cloth diapers. Hands down they were my favorite since day one. When I got a chance to review their trainers I was over excited.
Then I got them. They had the tiniest little leg holes
:-( The felt really plastic and I couldn't image my beloved making this product. The pocket in them fit my Joey bunz. Potential is there
They work awesome with a liner. Without a linners not so good. The don't leak at all. However with out a liner they pour the water out.  Nothing about them absorbed any liquid. Another great for night trainer too diaper like for daylight.  Declan loves them. He calls them his turkey butt. This kid cracks me up. School will use they without an a vote either way. Would I recommend them. No, I'm sorry Happy Heinys you disappointed me with your trainers.

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