Friday, August 19, 2011

Super Undies Trainers Review

Very excited to get the Super Undies for review. Before I received them I was told Earthy Crunchy Mama's boys loved them and wanted to keep them. The funny thing is when I pulled them out of the package Declan jumped up and down. My new ones Mom!!!! Followed by running through the house hugging them.

My first impression was this is a unique trainer. It's not made of terry and PUL like the other trainers. It looks and feels like nylon. The elastic around the legs are not covered by fabric. They come in two styles. Big boy undie look a likes and pocket style with the snaps on the back.

The style with snaps and pocket I was excited to try. I keep thinking I'll like pocket trainers since I love my pocket diapers. This trainer after closer inspection doesn't need a liner unlike Happy Heinys that doesn't work with out one. Super Undies inside lining has a thin built in liner.

This is the only real benefit to the pocket. I have a toddler and my only liners are Flip and Joey Bunz. Joey Bunz are thinner and are way too big for the pocket.

We tried the pocket style today at school. When you see the pocket trainer you think the snaps go in the back. The tag and the shape giving you that feeling. It's pretty darn hard to put them on like a diaper when they snap in the back. My thought is maybe this was because they should be pulled on like undies. As you can see once they are on they look weird.

Preschool I think is a little smarter than me. They turned the Super Undies around. The looked normal and fit better. They are gave me a thumbs up for easy use. Declan didn't have an accident so I have no idea how absorbent they are. I can tell you they pill after one wash.

I'll try the Big boy Super undie style tomorrow. Not that I want Declan to have an accident but will share if he does for a better review of these trainers.

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