Friday, September 16, 2011

A personal look into raising 3 active boys.... OK 1 super active 2 mellow. I'll be honest it's about my black eye.

Just about a week ago I had a super packed weekend of fun. OK maybe not but I'll share any how. I have three boys. Joey who is 10 and a hyper kid gone fabulous student and the apple of his parents eye (all my kids are actually) Declan is my potty training two year old and Sonny is my HOLY COW is he a boy kind of boy.

The first task of the weekend was a soccer game. Declan played nicely with his older sister Marysa. Joey played his game and Sonny ran the track with Mama (me) trailing him. If your a blog reader you know I'm going through testing for MS. One of the symptoms is get weak. As refreshing as it is to exercises I get over heated, then weak and I took a dive at the gas station.  Followed by a oh so fashionable walking cain. To Joey's disappointment my cool new cain did not come with a top hat.

Read about our bunnies in a future post. Just keep in mind they are two weeks new and a second water was needed for their out side play area. I piled four of my five posse members into ye ole Mini Van and we headed for Petco. Petco has the cutest little shopping carts. Joey took the lead in the Junior shopping cart Derby. Close behind was Sonny and his nitro burning burning funny cart. Straight at my knees. I put my foot out to protect myself when the oh so stylish metal Shopper in Training flag ramrodded me in my left eye socket.
(This is not the actual Shopper in training cart but I like visual aides. This looks similar to the cart I lost the fight with.)

A Petco full of people watching in horror as blood spilled out of my eye and my two year old made it for the door. I yelled grab him and I ran as fast as I could out the door catching Declan in the parking lot. Great timing to make your escape kid. I walked back in the store was given a insta ice pack and paid for my bunny goods. Marysa whom I often refer to as my rock or little Mama took hold of Sonny and got him in the car as Joey assisted with Declan. We had the quickest trip EVER to the ER where a doctor and two nurse glued my eye socket back together taped me up and sent my wild crew and I on our way.
This is me the next day.

I stayed home from work. My kids back at school.  My week no boys was awful. Yes I missed them with my entire heart as I sat at home healing but mostly it was awful since I was blind. That's right six days of one dilated eye ball. Everything close up was doubled and everything far away was blurred.
This is me the morning I was told I should go back to work. Notice the difference in my pupils. I was granted the weekend off returning to work on the following Monday.
Monday Morning. Yes I have to agree I sport a black eye well.

To my surprise not a lot of people asked me what happened. The people who did where usually strange men in grocery stores or gas stations.

Here is my eye now. I close up yep you can see it but over all I think I recovered nicely.

Petco has not lost my business. The employees in the store were fabulous about helping me. I did not attempt to collect any kind of compensation however I did ask for my medical co-pays to be covered. Petco's insurance company called me. They were kind and concerned and covered my costs. I know that is how things should be. Props when deserved I am happy to give.

Sure the post wasn't about my boys but my four year old given black eye

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