Saturday, September 17, 2011

Small talk

Today is our big soccer day. Three of my five kids are playing this year. Declan is my sidekick as I game hop. By 1:30 my buddy is overdue for a nap. I often look for distractions to keep him from going loopy then grumpy.

It just happens that someone near this soccer field has goats. Declan and I are talking about the sounds they make. Rrrr is not a goat sound but maa is.

One of our team dads is listening along with us. A conversation starts about how the new brush clearing trend here in the bay area is renting goats. He makes a comment on how there are a lot of was to clear brush but goats are the most environmental.

Most of you know I own chickens. My comment stirs up a chat that left me feeling good. I mention that I my chickens save me money by keeping the bugs out of my backyard.

A mom from the other team went on to ask me a million questions about having urban chickens. Everything from cost, to amount of poop. It became a team parent sideline talk. I think if nothing else got a few people to think about alternate ways to live with a beautiful yard besides pesticides and chemical based fertilizer.

I should have name dropped for a potential sale. But I'm still in the consumer frame of mind. I carry some pretty cool alternate ways of lower cost of  yard improvement. No chicken coops yet.....

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West Philly Mama said...

I didn't know you had chickens! How cool. And what a great soccer sideline conversation - I would have talked your ear off, too!