Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The trouble has begun

This is Joey. There has never been a co-worker, day care provider or teacher that hasn't said what a cute kid. I love those dimples and his big brown eyes.

Joey knows he's cute. He thinks he looks like Justin Bieber or is the Justin Bieber of his elementary school. I even caught him comparing his reflection in the TV to one of his sisters Justin Bieber posters. I can say as his mother I don't see it but they are both very cute boys.

Here's where the trouble begins. For the most part Joey is a boy. He plays with boys, he's tough like a boy and he doesn't like girls. All boy right.

This morning I found out why Joey's ego is so big about his looks. When I dropped him off in front of his school there was a group of maybe five or six third or forth grade girls. Joey opened the back door of my van and I no longer was mom but I was *Joey's Mom*. The girls all vocalized an ahh he's so cute. Joey was for a moment Justin Bieber. I asked Joey who his fan club was. Joey turned a cranberry shade of red and said stop it Mom and ran away from the care. I have been laughing all morning about it.

It's official the girls have noticed him. The trouble has begun.

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