Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time to check-in

Early this year I posted my goals:

New goals
1. This years garden will be fabulous.
2. I will have chickens.
3. Learn to compost.
4. Read more
5. Run more.
6. Reduce house hold clutter by 50%
7. Take family to the snow.
8. Visit 3 state/national parks with the kids.
9. Keep strong with eating and feeding my family healthy.
10. Get Sonny to sleep in his own bed.

Here's my after birthday check-in without my list of why I didn't.

1. We had a fabulous garden. Spinach, corn, tomatoes, squash, kale, carrots, peppers, egg plant, soy beans, bush beans, apples. I grew a lawn my kids played on all year!

2. My chickens names are Sally and buff brahma and Blacky a black Cochin. I love my girls.

3. I can compost! I tried multiple ways and finally stuck with worm composting. It's stink free! Highly recommended. My compost also breads mealworms that are my chickens favorite treat.

4. Read more only happened on-line. I have read up on company after company to make sure what I'm offering in on-line shop my conscious can live with. This year I'll still have this goal.

5. Run more only happened once. That was more than the year before. This year run will change to bike more. I think it's easier maybe????

6. I have rid my house of so much to make it look like I have never touched it. This is my #1 goal for 2012.

7. I officially took the kids to the snow. I wont be doing it again. I hate snow!

8. We went to zero national parks. Still high on the list for 2012.

9. We still eat home cooked food. I just added a second crock pot to the line up and got silicone pans that allow us to do more with our roaster. Still lots of room for improvements.

10. Sonny sleeps with me and I move him. Does that count?

My personal opinion of this year. I can do better and I will. There's a whole new list of goals for 2012 I can't wait to start.

Happy New Year!

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