Friday, May 8, 2009

We're going to the park today

I've been home since the end of October 2008. Recovering and bonding with my now 5 month old Declan, studying to become an Accountant, and setting up a new business as a daycare provider, and being an active part in each of my kids lives. Volunteering when I can, setting up play dates, regaining control of my house that was previously dominated by children messes, building school projects, doing homework and reading more than I thought possible. My life doesn't have time to be a person, so I take the kids to the park every few days. Most the time Mateo's Dream park on the corner of Olivera and HWY 242 sometimes we hit other parks. I do this for two reasons, OK maybe a few more reasons. First my kids need a chance to be free and release energy and just be kids. Second this is where I get adult interaction.

I've met wonderful people at the park and people that just scare me. This is where kids say the darnedest things.

One woman one day at the park had a lovely conversation. We talked about children and their imagination, having babies close in age, feeling like you mastered one stage of childhood and then it's changed. She then told me her daughters will be getting Norplant when they are 14 year because she doesn't want to feel like Sarah Palin. Wow that ended a lovely chat quickly as I gathered my clan and ran.

Kids love a baby. Especially little girls around 4ish. A very sweet young lady came over to meet Declan. She asked me what's the baby's name and giggled Duck-land. She told me she liked his hair and asked to pet him. Then she sat next to me and told me she calls her Mom stinky butt and she has an Uncle stinky-butt too. Then she scurried off to play.

Another woman I met at the park was raising her Grand-daughters. She told me the Mama had trouble with drugs and the Daddy had been deported. She told me people have a special place in heaven who take on the burden of raising a child in need. Then she told me those little girls have a 1 year old brother she's trying to get as well. The woman was a saint. She never raised her voice and the girls listened and acted as she asked them too. She also told me she was so tired she lost her footing at home and fell, she crawled into her home and watched her arm become very swollen and wasn't sure how she was going to get her arm looked at so she didn't. I never know why people open up with a helpless situation to me. This lady I hope to meet again.

The same day a little boy about 7 or 8 told me that he was having the best day. His Mama bought him his favorite cereal Trix and he got to keep the Lego car toy.

Another day I ran into my friend who works at Noah's Bagels. He's a special guy who wipes down the table. He likes to sit on my bench and tell me how he walks to work from Napa everyday. That his Mom is who he lives with and she has over 100 kids. No matter where I move or if I talk to him or not he always smiles at me walks over to my bench sits down and tells me unbelievable stories about his family.

Then there are days at the park when I think I need to stop going. Days like the day my daughter used the restroom about 30 feet from me, clear view but I can't hear. A woman is yelling does anyone have a little boy missing. It's my daughter screaming. She locked her self in the restroom. No one talks to you after that.

My Sonny sings with me when he knows it's a park day. I love his voice. We sing. We're going to the park today, we're going to the park. Where all the children laugh and play we're going to the park today. He joins in at the words Park and Play.

I'm greatful for the sun, my kids and parents who take the time to take their kids to the park, and thankful they take the time to tell me their thoughts.

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