Sunday, May 10, 2009

Me Day

I love Mother's Day. Every year my family is sweeter than the year before. This year stated with Joey buying me a cup of coffee at Starbuck's with my money. Go figure. Followed by a rant about how he hates his life. Pretty typical of Joey since everyday is the worst day ever with all the fun and laughing he does when he's not telling me about all his woes.

I then went to pick up Marysa from her Dad's house. She wore my favorite dress, cut three beautiful roses from her Dad's yard and made me a giant card covered with hearts and I love you Mom all over it. My favorite part was on the back of the card she drew a heart with Mary/Mom written in it. Very tiny she wrote optional. I asked her what that was for and she told me some people call me Mary and some called me Mom so it was optional.

Warren took Sonny with him to the office to drop off some work and met me back at the house. He took me out to eat at my favorite Mother's Day spot. Black Bear Diner. The wait is always to long but I love the corned beef hash. The service is bad and Sonny is only two and started acting up long before we got our meal.My sweetheart took him outside and let me eat in peace. I then went out to the car against his wishes and watched Sonny so he could eat.

After brunch we came home. Warren offered to pick me up a Rubin at Noah's just in case I needed some more spoiling. I put Sonny down for a nap and Marysa hung out with Declan while I took a nap. When Declan started to fuss he came in and napped with his old Ma.

I woke up happy. Sonny wanted to snuggle a minute then we hit the sprinklers. To my surprise we were able to play without fighting. The days not over but I sure love my husband and kids and wish everyday could be Mother's Day.

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