Sunday, January 30, 2011

If your looking for something I used and it works well check out my Amazon Store

On the right of this page there is a link. If anything has peeked your interest and it's something you wanted to try it. I'm trying to post it.

  • My roaster is up there along with other kitchen goodies that make my life just a little easier.

  • Books me and my children read and love. Highly recommend Raindrop and Peek a boo. A good friend of mine wrote it.

  • Toys that keep my kids attention for more than a few minutes. A must for large families or parents who want their kids to have minimal time watching TV or playing video games

  • Video Games I think are alright for my kids to play.

  • Lastly I had a lot of babies. I try to live fairly natural and these are products I've used and some I still do.

I'm will be adding things we use and like in our garden and music we like.

If you have a product your are trying to sell and have it on Please let me know. I'm happy to help out a small business.

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