Sunday, April 10, 2011

Date Night

Yes a Mom and Dad with five kids can still date. Last night we went to Sacramento to celebrate War's BFFs birthday. It's just over an hour from where we live in the East Bay.

I got to tell you I love date night. I love getting ready. Taking a long hot shower, blow drying my hair, putting on make up and putting on clothes I probably wouldn't wear to the park or the clean the bathroom in. I love the look on my husbands face when he tells me how good I look. I love that I look good. May sound a little vain however I do a lot of jeans and t-shirt make-up free days. It's fun. Not forgetting to mention my husband it hot when he goes out. I love being the one on his arm.

The second part I love about date night is my kids love our babysitter. I do too. She is the most wonderful person anyone could have stay with their kids and she have become one of my best friends to boot.  My kids love her so much if I tell them to soon she's coming over I hear about it all week. Is she coming today? What time is she coming? Can we go to her house? The questions keep coming. When she gets here my kids wont even let me talk to her. They are pushing me out the door with both hands. I have to remind them to kiss and hug me. There is not a better feeling as a parent than knowing the person your kids are with loves them and they love her. I have the worlds best babysitter.

These are my kids with my babysitter from last night.

The last part about date night I love. We usually go out with other couples. I love seeing our friends. I love adult conversation. I love to hear what everyone's doing. I love to eat. Last night was sushi. I know I'm dieting and I budgeted my calories. I have a killer Zebra roll. Nothing beats the flavor of BBQ eel, tempura shrimp,mango sauce and roe. 

Over all date night as usual was a sucess and I can't wait for the next one.

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