Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kind of getting through to my kids

This morning I was making a you choose  breakfast for my kids. Joey my 9 year old pulls two boxes of cereal out and starts to read the nutrition information. My first thought what what is he doing?  Joey starts to compare sugars and fats on the boxes. I'm starting to glow. Maybe just maybe after all these years and talking to pediatricians and nutrition specialist Joey finally gets that the healthier choices are the way to go.

After Joey closely has weighed out that Cap'n Crunch all though it has a higher sodium content is a better choice than and off brand Honey Nut cereal having higher fiber and lower sugar content. The he puts them back on the shelf. To Joey I ask why he put both boxes back. He tells me he thought I was going to suggest he eat the Honey Nut cereal and he hates it. He needed to prove Cap'n Crunch was better for him. After all is said he's going to eat Reese Puffs for breakfast. What?.

The kid kills me. He is so smart it's funny. I suppose in a sense I got through because he listened and applied what I tought him. Just incase I had him eat the yucky Honey Nut cereal.

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