Saturday, April 16, 2011

A day in the life of a Victorian rancher child

No this is not a history report but just a recap of a fun field trip I went on with my daughters class. I have to say this field trip was more fun than any of the trips I went on as a kid. Fourteen parents and a teacher with two park rangers and a class of 30 forth grade students spent a full day at the John Muir house in Martinez CA. The children came in historical costumes ranch children would have worn when John Muir was alive.

Between 9a.m. and 5 p.m. the children when through hour long stations. They made adobe bricks by walking in mud and straw then filling up a mold with the the mud and leaving the bricks in the sun to dry. The kids were so funny screaming its cold.The boys did not stay in long leaving the girls to get really muddy.

The kids then learned to do embroidery. I was surprised at the boys liked it so much. I think we will be doing some of this at home. I remember liking to stitch with my Grandmother and Mom when I was small.
They made candles . I was surprised just how easy that was. I'm thinking a family art project for the Lutz Posse in the next few weeks.

I think they threw in some painted crafts to kill time. I'm not convinced this was a very historical daily event.
They were giving a chance to play some Victorian games like croquet and hitting a wheel with a stick while running along side it.
The children had cooking stations where they all contributed to all the food they ate. A stew, a apple cobbler, lemon aide with lemons the children picked off the tree there at the monument. Then they all lined up with their pie tins they used as plates at together on the ranch. I didn't see one child refuse to eat. Very impressive.

To end the day after all the hard work, games and crafts we took a hike up to the top of Mount Wanda.

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