Monday, April 25, 2011

Earthy Chruchy Mama

Kudos are to be given where kudos are deserved. Earthy Crunchy Mama is once again one of my favorite Flip places to shop. Last week I placed my second order. More Flip disposable inserts and covers. I'm a pay check to pay check kind of Mama. I have five kids. I have dreams there for I watch my pennies and dimes.

My five favorite things about Earthy Crunchy Mama:

1: She is a person. I first met her when she posted on Twitter needing advice for her New born cloth diaper program. I like people. Real people.

2: She's green. I have been teased since I first registered to vote 17 years ago as part of the Green Party. Called a hippy. Well I love my Earth. I want it to be as beautiful for my Great Grand children as it is now for my children.This woman's whole job is to sell products real every day people can use to make sure my kids and thier kids will have a beautiful planet.

3: She carries compostable disposable diapering products for a busy Mama like me. I have five kids. I work full time. I garden, I go on extension field trips of what my kids are learning in school and I cloth diaper. I need to know I can live with out destroying everything I love. I buy Flip Disposable inserts knowing I can throw them in my compost bin and life will renew.

4: Her shipping and handling is under priced. Makes me feel like I'm getting the best deal n earth. $5.95 under $75 bucks and free over. How cool is that? I shipped two bummis whisper wraps and I know it was more than $5.95. She shipped my 4 packages of inserts and four covers for free. I also got a little something Green, That's right  Rock in Green Cloth diaper detergent. Awfully nice of her I'd say.

5: She gives good  Great customer service. I waited a full week waiting on my second order. I e-mailed her on a holiday and got a quick reply, advice and a $5.00 gift code. All above and beyond what was needed. I will shop with her, refer her and let you know her shop is worth it.

Take a click over to and know you'll be a happy customer like me. Oh yeah she does baby, Mama and kitchen goodies. Fun, Fun for everyone.



Jennifer said...

He looks great in that Flip! I love it!

Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways said...

We seem to like the same people and shops! lol I love her shop and she has been a generous donor to the "sharing stash" for low income momma's!