Friday, April 29, 2011

And the winner is.......

The entries as of 8:59 pm PST are listed below in order. You have until 8:59 pm PST to respond via email on Sunday May 1,2011.

The Winner is #7 Courtney Fisk!

A note from the author:
Congratulations on winning the contest!

I truely hope that you enjoy this book with its collection of true short stories about my little bunnies Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo.

Many thanks!

Sheryl Marie

Entries in order
      1. Christina
      2. Jamie
      3. Jamie
      4. nickandkathrine
      5. Courtney Fisk
      6. Courtney Fisk
      7. Courtney Fisk
      8. Courtney Fisk
      9.  ktgonyea
      10. The Knapps
      11. micki
      12. Jessie
      13. Angelica
      14. Angelica
      15. Jessie
      16. Jessie
      17. lclazar029
      18. lclazar029
      19. lclazar029
      20. lclazar029
      21. lclazar029
      22. danielle

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