Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For my good Twitter Pal

I have a pal I met on Twitter. She has back to back babies like me. Only her's are both still in diapers and closer in age than Sonny and Declan. She's my pal on a couple different levels. SHe's usually awake late night when I'm the only one up at home and we chat. She likes some of the same stuff I do. Sewing, cloth diapers, kids, crafts and being good to people.

She helps me. She doesn't have to but she does. Most of my followers here on my blog I am sure are from her cheer leading and posts about my giveaways. My giveaways are important to me. I am dying to be something bigger than me. I can do this by shouting out and giving free PR of small businesses. It's the only time in my life I can connect with the people I love and work with daily without a corporate policy dictating to me what I can and can not do.

I have never met my pal face to face but I'm sure if we were in the same area we would be real life friends. She's great! Any how the goal of my post is not to go on and on about my pal but attempt to return her kindness to me. I have been entering Ergo Baby giveaways. She needs one to improve the quality of her life as a Mommy. I can't imagine my life without being able to toss my little one on my back so chasing the other with both arms free. I know my Ergo has allowed me to do lots without hurting my back and giving my ample freedom without neglecting my babies.

With the kindness of Kindred Spirit Mommy I was able to join in her giveaway to try and win an Ergo for my Twitter pal. Wish me luck. The Giveaway ends tomorrow.

Photos by Scott

Me, my Ergo Baby, and some really bad hair.

At Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco


Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways said...

Awe thank you so much! I agree that we would be great "real life" friends if we lived closer!

You post made me all warm inside! It's nice to have people that really care, just as I do!

My fingers are crossed! Thank you :)

mellon said...

awesome! i hope you win too! :) i'd love to be real life friends with both of you too.