Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trainer Reviews

Declan is my last baby. He's on the eve of potty training. I found in my desperate search for trainers they are hard to find. I suppose it's just good karma that  Earthy Crunchy Mama just happens to be on the eve or caring trainers in her store.

She and I have teamed up to give you the most detailed reviews possible and Earthy Crunchy Mama will be carrying the best choices. 

                                                            Earthy Crunchy Mama
I should be upfront with my readers that I am bias to her shop. She carries a lot of what I love as far as cloth diapers, Wet/Dry bags, laundry detergent and kitchen products that save me a lot of money. I love a One stop shop. Like the 7-Eleven of Eco-friendly products an old Mom like me uses. I'm not receiving payment of any sort for my reviews, She has selected some of the trainers and I have my self. Purchase of the trainers can be one of any of the following ways. She bought it, I bought it or it was provided as a sample. I have never met her on a personal level.

Declan is two and a half years old. He is very smart with communication and has been a little delayed, yet within the "normal" window with his physical skills such as walking, running etc. He from day one has an amazing bladder. He can stay dry for up to three hours during the day and some nights wakes up dry. He is also more stubborn than any other child I have ever met. He goes to preschool/daycare five days a week. There are four teachers that have been made aware of these reviews and will be providing me their feedback daily. He is taken to the potty every 30 minutes at school and has a 2 hour period for nap. The school gives stickers for going potty.

At home we are not as structured. I have potty trainer three of my five children from scratch not including Declan. One of my five kiddos was in the later stages when she and I met. I have used Gerber cotton training pants with rubber pants and hated every minute of it. That method is messy. Joey who is now 10 we adopted at four. We used Kushies with him and Sonny. I will be comparing what it was like with them and their trainers vs Kushies new line and if I would use them with Declan. I am a model trainer where I send my trainee to the potty with other kids every time.

Each review I will try to do after using each trainer a few times. I will try to update you on Declan's attitude those days since my experience has told me the child's attitude is 80% of their success.

If you are following along with our training with your own child please keep in mind I keep potty training very light as to cause minimal stress and give lots of hugs and kisses for every try failed or passed and never scold the child ever. This includes when they stick their finger in their poops and paint the bathroom wall, put a whole roll of toilet paper in the fish tank or cover themselves with disposable sanitary napkins. Any bad feelings in the bathroom may restart your potty training and frustrate the heck out of you. I know from experience.

One last thing if you hear of a trainer and I haven't tried it let me know please. This is my last stop in my cloth diapering journey and I want it to be fun.

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