Sunday, July 17, 2011

Earthy Crunchy Mama Giveback #Giveaway #ErgoBaby

This is Cole.
Every true follower of my blog has read about Earthy Crunchy Mama by now. Yes this is my favorite Internet Store, yes I chat with her a bit on twitter year she is a person. Her name is Jennifer. Even though I met her as a customer I value her opinions and she my friend. Last night she threw a tweet out that she is trying to raise money to self publish a children's book. Not for profit but as a give back. Jennifer's son was born with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis and the book she wrote is a children's book to help explain to young kids and their families and friends about the treatment. Her family's  hope is to self-publish this book and make it available to families with children with this condition. All of the profits from selling the book will go directly to the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) to assist in the physician awareness program so more kids are correctly diagnosed under the age of 2, when the treatment is most successful. 

Progressive Infantile Scoliosis is the rotation and curvature of the spine beginning before the age of 3 years. It affects 1 in 10,000 kids. It is a progressive disease, where the curvature & rotation of the spine worsens as the child grows.  Because it starts so young, the child has a lot of growing to do, which, without treatment can lead to severe disability such as being respirator dependent and even death.  Fortunately, there is a cure if caught before the age of 2. Serial body casting can be used to slowly straighten and derotate the child's spine.  Together with the child's rapid growth, these casts help train the child's spine to grow straight.  The problem is that most physicians do not know how to diagnose it, leading to it either being missed altogether or misdiagnosed, causing kids to miss their window for complete correction. Additionally, only a handful of orthopedic surgeons nationwide are currently offering this treatment.~Provided by Jennifer
Before Treatment
After Treatment

This is the Game plan for the giveaway.

The time frame is from today July 17 - October 17

  • The Grand Prize is my ErgoBaby Carrier. (Gently Used) 
  • There will be random (sur)prizes given out through out the Giveback Giveawa.y from any product review done from the months of July through October
  • If Jennifer reaches her goal by October 17 a second Grand Prize winner will be drawn for a Moby Wrap your choice of color.

This Giveback Giveaway is not for profit. Any moneys earned (except purchases from Earthy Crunchy Mama)will go directly to the publishing of Cole and the Crooked Flower.
The coolest part of the Giveback giveaway is there is lots of opportunity to get a little something for your self and giveback to a great cause.

Entries are as follows. Every Entry you must comment on this page, the blog post on Blended Family of 5 or Earthy Crunchy Mama's blog. They will be recorded weekly on a Google doc so you can keep track of your entries  and the winner will be selected using If you win a random prize you will still be able to win the ErgoBaby Carrier.

  •  Manditory- follow my blog with GFC (Google Friend Connect) +1 entry
  • Donate to the cause + 2 entries for every $1 donated. Double enties for every reward earned on this website. eg. $10 reward = 20 entries, $25= 100 entries, $50= 200 entries, $75= 300 entries etc.
  • Purchase a book from this link. every dollar spent = 2 entries
  • Share this Giveback/Giveaway on your blog +10 entries
  • Share on your FaceBook wall +2 entries
  • Share on your FaceBook page +2 entries
  • Tweet about this Giveback/Giveaway no more than four times a day +1 entry each tweet
  • refer someone to this giveback/giveaway and have them tell us you refered them +5 entries
  • follow @rthycrunchymama on twitter +1 entry
  • follow @pinkradish on twitter
  • like Earthy Crunchy Mama on FaceBook +1 entry
  • like Blended Family of 5 on Facebook
  • comment your experience with any review durring this Giveback/Giveaway timeframe +2 entries
  • buy something from Earthy Crunchy Mama +1 entry per dollar spent
  • buy something from Marysa Jane +1 entry per dollar spent
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