Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lutz farming family

Wednesday Joey got in my car and had all this information on growing sun flowers. I asked if he'd like to grow some.

Of coarse he did. We had two hours until Marysa got out of school so we stopped by Ace hardware and got two packs of seeds. One pack of sun flowers and one pack of Sugar Peas. We came home and got our ziplock bagies out and started wetting cotton and mixing them with seeds and taping the open baggies to our window. I took a Math and Science class for preschool aged kids a few years back and remembered doing it as one of our projects.

After picking up Marysa from school we started preparing our garden area in the back yard. We got raked grass cut grass away and pulled the rest out by hand, and took out the garden claw and turned soil. By the time dinner was ready the kids had the garden area off to a really good start.

Warren told me I needed chicken manure to finish getting the soil ready. We got that today. Pew! Thank good the garden store is right off the freeway and so is our house. The smell made my eyes water. Today some of our seeds started to spout as well.

I feel like a little kid full of excitement, starting this project with my kids is fun. I called my parents and my dad could remember growing a veggie garden with his Mom when he was in second grade. My dad is 73 years old telling me he remembers looking every day for the garden to start growing and when it did how excited he got. He told me his favorite part was growing baby carrots.

Next on our list is composting and a tomato cage, who knows maybe well get crazy and grow a bigger garden sometime in the side yard.

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