Friday, October 22, 2010

This is gonna be tough

Yesterday I walked on to the Diablo Valley Campus and not to watch Tanner dance either. I went to the information center to find out where to start to complete my education. I was told to go to the admissions office to make sure my transcripts from Shasta College had been archived. Yikes! It's going to be 12 year coming this next semester since I took a college class. I have 55 units I'm hoping will still apply to my goals.

Admissions said my transcripts where still viewable and I hiked up the hill to the counseling center to make my appointment. November 4th at 11am. WOW! I have already made progress.

DVC has this cool web site you can plug in you program and t will fill in your completed coarse work and see what you still need to do. Apparently I have 35 more units I need for an A.A. So 12ish classes I need unless the counselor can plug some of my classes in to places the program didn't. PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! Let that be the case. I know I need all the math, health science, P.E. life/physical sciences. All the stuff that didn't sound fun the first time around.

That's right I love to learn. The problem is I love to learn what I love. Child development, political science, Literary arts. Gee I sound like a girl. I'm already getting off track seeing classes I'd love to take just flipping through the Catalog of classes. I see some classes on how to deal with the special needs of Foster children I could use now relating to behavior issues. Site management classes to be a director of a preschool, etc.

So how am I going to get excited about math again. I was good in high school. Marysa my fourth grader's homework is challenging. I can do it I just can't explain it. I'm sure I'll need to learn to explain again. UGH!!!

So any tips how to focus with kids and a job would be welcome. I have to get away from telecoms and customer service before I go mad.

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

Hey Mary!

Thanks for following me on FB! Also, thank you for comment today. :) I am very sorry for your loss too. I know how hard it is to go through that pain.

I LOVE this post you wrote. I, too, LOVE to learn. I could take classes just to take classes all of the time if I had the time, and money just to learn. I'd take sewing and photography and baking and hair styling and and and...

Anyways, good luck to you!

Thanks again. :) I'll be adding you to my reader, so I'll be checking back in with ya too.