Friday, February 4, 2011

We're starting our seeds

Early this week Joey and I went to the hardware store to look at raised flower beds and kitchen composters. The flower beds were close to sold out and they tried to sell me a trash compactor. Joey and I decided to buy the last two flower beds at $5 each.

When we reached the checkout, the last minutes stacks of stuff you really don't need near the register had a seedling greenhouse complete with little dehydrated dirt pellets and a lot of seeds for the plants we actually wanted to grow -- for the low low price of $5. SOLD. Joey also bought the funniest little cactus, called a Peurvian Old Lady.

We hurried to preschool to pick up Thing 1 and 2 and came home to start seeding. Sonny and Joey were my helpers. I poured the water in half of the seedling cells and the boys took turns poking holes and planting the seeds for lettuce, cucumber, sweet bell pepper and tomatoes.

This was Tuesday. Wednesday I had a few minutes to kill before physical therapy and I picked up some eggplant and bok choy seeds. I chose to plant those without children. I was suffering back spasms and didn't want the extra work of having to monitor them. We still have mini green houses and dirt pellets from last year and more seeds to plant.

Today, Friday, the 36 tiny pots of seeds already have some sprouts. Yay! Cucumber, lettuce and bok choy are cute little plants. My boys come into the kitchen every so often to look at the plants and there are always new sprouts or mesurable growth of the exsisting ones.

There is nothing like watching seedlings grow to get you excited about spring. We are still deciding how this garden will look. The raised beds need building and I'm thinking some containers would be fun. More to come as the plan unfolds.

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