Saturday, February 5, 2011

The painful truth about retaining water

I am starting to believe I am not nearly has heavy as I am. I've changed my diet, eating mostly vegetarian and seafood. I have been stretching and doing core and back excercises, walking and doing Wii Fit. My silhouette is visibly different and my self esteem is improving.
The last couple of days I've had some hard arguments with my ex-husband about our daughter. Normally when this stuff happens I'm a comfort food snacker. I have been fighting it like crazy, but last night I did decide to drink a beer. OK, I had a few french fries and a Veggie Whopper too. I can just imagine how much salt I had, compared to the very fresh and saltless food I have been eating this month.

Until today I had lost enough weight to wear my wedding ring comfortably. I was able to slip it on and off without the use of water or lotion. This is HUGE. I was 5 months pregnant with my two year old when I wore it last.

Last night, I didn't think to take it off. This morning I could feel it on my finger. I was unable to remove it without running it under icy cold water, and it still hurt to pull it off. Two hours later my finger is still red and I can feel pulsing in my feet. Here's the kicker: I'm 2.9 pounds heavier than yesterday, according to the Wii.

I am positive it's the salt, which led to water retention. So today is water, water and more water day to flush the salt out, and hopefully my hard-earned weight loss will go back to where it was yesterday -- quickly

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