Monday, February 28, 2011

Farmer Joe

I have to give credit where it's due. The credit is over due to my kid Joey. He's my oldest son. He's nine years old. He's a huge help. I'm not sure my life would be as happy if we didn't grab him five years ago and make him ours. I love this kid.

Two years ago in first grade he came home from school with a cup of dirt and a seedling Mammoth Sunflower. He asked me if we could plant a garden, so we did. This year my back is a horrible mess. Lifting is not allowed.  The prep work for the garden has been a longer than usual project. There have been times walking makes my entire body act like a Jell-o mould.

Well Joey is the man. He went with me to Home Depot a month back and we got a couple raised garden frames, a seed starter kit and I have done a lot of nothing. He helped load the frames into the car and helps me care for the seedling daily.

Well today is the award day for this kid. He needs a metal. Joe built the frames by his self. The frames are in the yard. One of them he and I pulled and prepared all the grass and weeds out of. OK I laid on my side on a blanket pulling roots after he yanked all the growth out. The whole time he's complaining of a headache but wont take my advice to go inside and take a break. He's a work horse! Two frames and 16 square feet of work done. All because this kids LOVES to garden.


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