Sunday, February 27, 2011


Fuzzibunz are just that fuzzi. These pocket diapers have a fleece lining making them super soft on my baby's duff. These diapers come in lots of color choices and a few cute prints. As a pocket diaper they are pretty good. Inserts are easy to use but often to wide for the crotch. I have found a hemp insert that is contour that works well called Joey bunz by Baby Kicks Hemparoo. These diapers are awesome if your baby has a rash.  My boys are extremely fair and rashes are common. This diaper with out the use of any diapering creams absorbs and wicks moisture away from baby's duff efficiently. Usually the rash is gone not even as long over night.

The diapers are about $20 each and a Joey bunz is about $5-$6 each.

The only trouble I have with the Fuzzibunz is they are a snap diaper. I like to use my diaper snug and I have caused runs near the snaps. I always machine wash and line dry. I find my self needing to strip this diaper more often than other diapers I use. I'm not sure if it's because of the fleece lining or that I use them with hemp inserts. I use them during the day although they are decent if you need to use them over night.

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diapers 6 Pack Gender Neutral Colors

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