Friday, April 8, 2011

My plants at night. Just for fun!

My kitchen window. Oregano, a succulent, Basil,some homemade chia heads, and snap peas. This is my happy place.

Beta bulbs bought with our Beta fish that didn't make it.

My composting inspiration. Big and beautiful made by Sonny at school for Earth Day 2010.

Our bean sprouts. I can't wait! Yummy!!!

Our tomato seedling made it this far. Courtesy of lots of warm drinks of water on cold days.

Some of our pepper seedling thriving in the grow bags

My corn grows great. My neighbor says he can't get his to grow maybe 50 feet away???

Spinach ready to harvest. Eggplant and Squash just growing away.

My strawberries love the crazy mood swings of Mother Nature. .  

Walla Walla onions. No clue what I'm doing here. I hope they turn out.

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