Friday, April 8, 2011

This Mama bloggers frustrations

I started this blog because my Mom told me I should write things down. My kids have great stories and I'm fun to listen to. So I did. Why would my Mom lie to me? Well I write and I get people who stumble on my blog from time to time, most likely spammers. My blog when it posts as a note to Face Book sometimes is commented on.  I second guessing if this is worth my time.

After talking to a professional writer I was told that the most successful blogs are from people who where once writers, have something interesting to talk about with an interesting twist. I should write because I want to and enjoy it not because I'm going to make money. If I think of my blog like walking down the street people don't flock to me. Now if I was wearing a bikini walking down the street I might get some followers.

Well I never thought I'd make money on it. I do get a rush when I check my stats and see page hits. I'm not the type to walk down the street in a bikini even when I had a slamming body. *wink* I guess I just want to feel like something useful. Seeing people like it would be nice.

I think I'll give it another month to see if anything for me changes on blogger and if not then I think throwing in the towel is my best option. I have written over a year, sharing family, ideas, recipes mile stones, successes, failures and fun. Feeling like I'm standing on a soap box on a corner while everyone ignores me as they walk by. While I scream what's important to me. It's becoming too much trying to be noticed for content and not for what free goodies you could get if you follow me.

I've got five kids. I work my ass off trying to raise and make sure they turn out to be good self providing aware people. I have chronic pain I'm learning to manage. I'm active and do things you may want to try. I have a real blended family with five kids and diverse backgrounds. I'm sure there are people out there similar to me that can benefit from at least something on my blog. I like to help. I like people. I just never know. No input from anyone except my husband who loves me.

There is something out there that will make me feel like my life has meaning. I have a deep desire to be someone more than a Mom, a wife and an service rep. I just don't have a lot of time to do it. Blogging seemed like an easy way to connect. It's hard. The people who do it well I love. They are kind of like Rock Stars to me. I read them with every new post. I'm just me. Sharing with spammers my world and have no clue why.

Done venting......... on to the next thing. Have a nice day.


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