Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eco Posh Trainers

These trainers hands down are the ones I am most eager to try. Earthy Crunchy Mama I think is the same way.

I got these in the mail late last week. To prep these honeys they recommend you wash them five times. I know your thinking ahhh hemp you have to be kidding me. No these are a bamboo and recycled water bottle blend. I know what the heck. I need stock in this company. This is the most Eco friendly trainer I have yet to use.

They are close to the softest fabric I have felt. I want under ware for me. The only super funky part I had trouble stomaching is the inside liner is brown. I can't find them on line except carried in stores already. I was told they are the same company who makes my beloved Joeybunz. They run about $15 a pair. I am fortunate in receiving two. A medium on Declan who is 30 pounds and a large on Sonny who is just shy of 40 pounds. Both boys have some room.

Declan after our photo shoot took a nap. Three hours. Touching the outside of the trainer it was dry. Inspecting this lining it was soaked. Pulling the trainer off of him nothing dripped on me. Pretty cool.

Sonny I let run wild in his. He climbed trees and rolled in the grass and gave them an awesome durability test. They got dirty but did not snag, pill, ride up or sag. Sonny is potty trained more or less. Has an accident once in a long while if he doesn't go potty before bed. He pulled these up and down like a champ. No trouble at all.

Once Preschool tells me there option of these awesome trainers I will let you know. Think Monday night early Tuesday. I am dying to see how they like them. Yes both boys will be wearing them.

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