Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trainer Reviews Recap, The Cause, and a random gift of Love

Some of my readers may have noticed my blog posts are not coming nearly as often. There are a few things going on that I can point at to blame. One is not fun. I went back to work after 10 weeks off. Two a little more fun.... I am the ultimate Soccer Mom. OK may not ultimate but I have three kids playing this year and me time will be stretched. One of the three has decided she's also going to ref. I think a data card may be in my future to keep up with all I want to share with you. Third. my next review required a lot of prepping and my informant at preschool took vacation. With that said one to more cool things.

Cole and the Crooked Flower is at 42% of there goal of $6500 to be able to self publish a book where every dime goes back to learn more about  Infantile Progressive Scoliosis. This is an amazing cause for a disease that has a cure already and not enough doctors know what to do. Take a look a the closest child to you and imagine them deformed for life when they could have been cured . One dollar helps or even one tweet or Facebook post. Every little bit helps.

I am here to tell those of you who are helping a little everyday thank you! with a random gift of love. If your an Earthy Crunchy Mama fan or a Blended Family of 5 fan all you have to do is express you want to be in this drawing. I will pull a name using Sunday evening 8:59 PM PST and you can choose a trainer I have reviewed this far or a cloth diaper in Earthy Crunchy Mama's store. Or something more grown up like a $15 Starbucks gift card. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Your help is invaluable.

Here is the trainer review Recap in my current order of favorites and a brief explanation.
Imse Vimse. Nothing water proof included however it doesn't leak easy. It's easy to pull up and down, fits trim,  allows baby to feel the wetness and it's also Preschools favorite.

Kushies training pants. Yes they are puffy. They hold so much pee you wont have to change baby's clothes. I have used these through three boys. They are economical. Preschool gives me a thumbs up. Easy to pull up and down .

KaWaii Baby Training Pant. Economical, puffy but work under clothes, absorbent, prints are a little dated and cut is confusing. No leaks yet. Preschool hasn't complained once.

Charlie Banana training pants. Trim fit. Not very absorbent. Super soft. Preschool is not a huge fan but will use them if the other choices are worse.

Blueberry trainers will catch an accident and then create a mess. I'm getting a 50/50 feeling from preschool with these. I like them at home because Declan knows he's wet. Very cute.
Mother-ease training pants. They probably make an awesome diaper. These trainers would make an awesome diaper. They are huge and super puffy, they are absorbent like no other and preschool hates them.
Little Beetle Learners to me are a waste of money. They look like a diaper with snaps on he sides, never catch an accident and are really expensive. Two thumbs down from me and preschool.

One last bit of info for you.
  • Earthy Crunchy Mama has a $100 gift card giveaway around Cole and the Crooked Flower. Donations at certain amounts will get you a copy of the book.
  • Special LIMITED Offer!: Magnolia Organics Has heard about or project to raise funds for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis and has VERY GENEROUSLY donated 10 organic cotton swaddle blankets (36 x 36 inches) to the first 10 Earthy Crunchy Mamas who donate $15+ to the cause!
  • Marysa Jane Pencil Pouches purchased will contribute 100% earning to Cole and the Crooked Flower. Free shipping. Can be pre-ordered through PayPal let me know what print you like. They are $8.00 Will post prints today 8/6.
  • If there is something you would like reviewed and giveaway sponsoring Cole and the Crooked Flower please let me know.
  • Looking for women who will review Mom cloths for me. I will supply. Just email me. Thanks!
  • Barefoot Books sales go back to Cole and the Crooked flower when bought through this link.

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