Monday, August 1, 2011

KaWaii Baby Training Pant Review- First Impression

 First impression here is the outside looks like a camo running suit material. The inside is really soft. It washed beautifully. Going into the wash was the same as coming out. Always one of my favorite features when they don't change.

Declan is wearing them at preschool today. His teacher was really excited about this trainer. She likes the big puffy ones. She says he's funny and likes to dance in them. I am actually very excited about these as well but not for the funny dancing. I seem to have better luck with the absorbency with the puffy trainers.

This Declan barely aware in the KaWaii trainer. I think they may be on backwards, I'm not sure because there is no tag on them.

I like the way they fit under his shorts. The puffiness I can't even see. I am excited to see how well or not they work at preschool today.

I got these trainers from Sandbox Lane. I have never heard of this brand before. The story behind this company I found on their Facebook page. It  seems that the person who created them was concerned with what disposable diapers where doing to both earth and babies. They wanted a diaper that was economical with purpose. These trainers and even the cloth diapers are by far the least expensive I have seen. I hope they work out because they would be a good alternative for frugal living parents to help raise their children.

****Preschools impression.
Declan's teacher said he refused to pee today. That his trainers were dry. The funny thing about these trainers is they are so incredibly absorbent Declan can't tell he's wet and you can't really tell unless you press your fingers into the fabric. We went to the pool after I picked him up from school and I still wasn't convinced they were wet even after pressing my fingers in them until we were done swimming and I could smell the urine.

Today at home we tried them again. He has no problems wetting his pants at home. In fact it very rare he will sit on the potty for me. It was this way with all my kids actually. Preschool is usually the first place children learn when Mom works. I think this for two reasons. First other kids are usually training at the same time and that encourages the child. Second they see Mommy as a place to be themselves, were they can pee freely. It's doesn't last forever so keep taking your little one to the potty and give lots of hugs and kisses for trying when they do. Back to the original thought. Declan went pee-pee in his trainer. He did not feel it. So when I grabbed his cute little puffy butt and it felt like it was cold liquid I offered to change him. My head strong toddler did not want to change he likes this one. After I pulled them off and chased him down finally getting in to a diaper he found his sisters flip flop and beamed me in the head. I've learned in the beginning when your little one starts to get stressed from being asked to go potty over and over it's important to give them a break. To me a break means a few hours back in the familiar diaper.

As far as how I would rate this diaper. I like it. I think it's good for long outings, nap and over night so they still know they are wearing big kid undies. I would probably want two of them since I do laundry everyday. I would turn them inside out to wash and dry because of their thickness. I got mine for just over $10 at Sandbox Lane. They are a good value to me. The pints however seem really old school and did not thrill me.

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