Monday, July 25, 2011

Blueberry training pants

No wash

Can you say Cute! These by far are the cutest trainers I have seen. Declan chose the print. He's a huge giraffe lover.  They are so soft. The outside feels and looks like underwear, and the inside you can feel is using a waterproof barrier under the thin padding a velor cotton blend lining.  The idea of these trainers is a good one. They are designed to let the toddler feel more grown up wearing undies while giving you the protection for accidents during the day. They do not have a cloth diaper feel to them at all. They are not recommended for naps or over night.

First Wash. Just as soft. Same shape. Declan loves it!

So far I love these. They did not leak or soak through when Declan had an accident. However Declan could feel it and asked to have his undies changed. This is just what I'm looking for. Cuteness One star. Easy to pull up and down One star. Doesn't leak. One star. Washes well. One star. I can't wait to send them to preschool to see if they pass the test there as well.

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