Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Imse Vimse Trainer Review

Imse Vimse is a Swedish trainer. At first look  I noticed the giraffes. Again I can't wait to show Declan my little giraffe lover. The outside of the trainer the fabric is very soft. The inside feels like a rough washcloth. I am hoping after the first wash it will soften up. Declan being light is prone to rashes.


The inside becomes equally as soft. However it shrank.
I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get Declan to try these trainers on. Again I think it's because they are not colorful even with the cute giraffes on them. Sonny my four year old agreed to show you what they looked like for a hand full of mini marshmallows. Sonny is 35 pounds and thin. I will have to sent these trainers to preschool and see if they can try them on Declan.
****Preschool actually was very impressed. Declan's teacher was nervous because it doesn't feel like it's waterproof. In fact handling them you would never know there is a layer of PUL inside. She told me Declan did great in these. They were easy to get up and down. When he did have an accident the short he was wearing only got a little wet on the area where the outer edge of the trainer rests of his little duff. She then showed me that the trainer was super soaked and may not have leaked at all had he not gone so much. This all was a pleasant surprise to me since I was worried about the shrinkage from the wash. I'll use this one a few more times and give you my final impression.

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