Sunday, July 24, 2011

Charlie Banana Training Pants Organic Cotton Review- First Impression

This trainer is the softest fabric I think I have ever handled. I hardly ever run to my husband and have him check out any baby product but I couldn't help it. They have a real quality feel to them. My only worry is they come only in one size for babies over 18 months. Declan was pretty sleepy when we tried these trainers on today. It is a weekday and preschool is early.

So far I like the fit.  There is no puffiness about them. As you can see above Declan's shorts are over the top and you'd think he was wearing undies.When I handed Declan off this morning at preschool the teacher even asked me what he was wearing.

The trainers are made of organic cotton with a waterproof outer layer and some micro terry inside. They come in a box. I personally thought was silly since it's just extra packaging and most customers I would assume would choose a cloth trainer over a disposable to reduce waste? Just saying... Charlie Banana also has a boxer style that comes in  different sizes. I think just for fun I may pick one up to see if that would be a good progressive step.

Home from preschool .

The closing teacher told me Declan had wet before she got there at 10am. Declan was still wearing the shorts I sent him to school in. To me that's a good sign. Until I talked to the morning teacher who told me he peed right through soaking both trainer and shorts. They had to hand wash his shorts because I forgot his bag and ran around most of the day naked legged until his shorts dried. Needless to say she was not a fan.

I will try them a few more time just in case was because they they didn't prep well.

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