Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kushies Trainers Review

I am not new to Kushies. I used them to train Joey and Sonny. Back when, it was Kushies or Gerber. I really wanted my last potty learning adventure to be new. Declan is my last baby and a Mom of five this is hard to come to grips with.

Joey called him his exploding pants. At the time I thought it was funny. In truth these trainers hold urine like no other. Joey and Sonny both are heavy wetters. However they are very puffy. They do leak if the urine is held in there for too long. I'm pretty quick about changing my guys.

This photo as gross as it may be is Declan's preschool teacher and I trying to capture just how much liquid these trainers hold. It was like a water ballon.

Declan's teacher has been a wealth of information with these reviews. She gets excited however when I bring the Kushies. I have been using both the Kushies I used on my older sons and the new pretty blue featured up top with Declan. They are easy to pull on and off but sound like a bride's maid dress. They don't always fit in pants with out the puffy coming out the top.

I'm kind of choosing not to give you too much about these trainers until I've met them all. I will let you know they are about $10 each and work well at naps and overnight.

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