Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blueberry Trainers at Preschool Review

This review made me kind of sad. If you remember from my earlier post I love these trainers. Preschool does not. They told me Declan did great all day. Woke up dry at nap and then gave them the look, a croaked smile and said I'm pooping. The teacher said from across the room she saw Declan's pants inflate like a ballon. She took him in the restroom and when pulling his pants and the Blueberry trainer came off of him was like ringing a sponge.

So kind of joking I said. "So these didn't pass the preschool test?" With a reply of Please don't bring them back. I still love the prints and how they worked for us at home. I may just end up buy a few more for when he's less of a wetter and more of a mid trainee.

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