Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Beetle Learner Review - A day at Preschool

First Wash

Second Wash
  • The second wash it looks and feels about the same as the first wash. I'm still convinced  that it is lopsided but it could be that it's all natural fibers and has shrinking.
Declan started the day off in his Little Beetle at school. I let his teacher know that this trainer says it's for the early learner however there is no waterproof layer. Tonight when I came to pick Declan up she said he had extreme difficulty pulling the undies down in time and peed all over his shirt and undies.The only reason his shorts are still dry is because he took them off before his dash to go potty. Preschool really wants a trainer that doesn't leave a mess or I'm sure more people wouldn't have to talk them into cloth. This wont would not be the one to convince them.

I don't think we are going to try these for a nap time. In my opinion these trainers are not for early learners. found they cost anywhere between $20 and $23 dollars. The Little Beetle website says you can pair them with  a soaker or covers but isn't that just an over priced non-absorbent cloth diaper.

I wont be purchasing anymore of these trainers or giving them another shot. If any of my readers what this exact pair I did the review with contact me and I can have it arranged.

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