Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mother-ease Training Pants Review First Impression & Preschool

Mother-ease Training pants. My first impression was cute frogs too bad they are white. They look puffy. They are not too thick and the inside is super soft. Again the concept behind this trainer is super cool. This is one of Mother-ease Eco Theme prints designed by a graphic designer who has MS. They have a print for each of the world's different ecological systems. They have PUL making them waterproof. Something I think a new trainee needs. The inside is a white cotton terry the outside is waterproof polyester cover. There is an elastic waist and the legs have a cotton cover over elastic. I got a size large for 30 to 40 pounds. To me it looks kind of big. I washed them in Eco Sprout before washing them and they looked exactly the same coming out of the wash as they did going in.
Declan I don't think was to crazy about this one. When I tried to put him in it he ran yelling I don't want it. After offering him a bribe he reluctantly put them on and let me take his picture.

Once I got him in the trainer they were puffy buy not to big. I could pull them up easy and so could he. That's a One star for these trainers so far. I tried these on him just before lunch and laid him to nap. Instead of napping he pooped. He climbed out of his crib knocked on the door. I got him up checked his pants only saw  that he peed. When I pulled them off the outside was dry. Then I noticed the poop. It was yucky but easy to drop in the potty and flush away. These trainers earned their second star.

Unfortunately I did not get to try them on with clothes to see if the puffy interfered with the size of his pants but this only a first impression and we will try them a few more time before recommending them to anyone.

Preschool and the wading pool.
This trainer was also used at preschool today. No accidents and made it through nap. Nap at preschool is about two hours long. I didn't get a photo of him with clothes over them again. I know what your thinking...lazy Mama. I do know when I got to preschool I had to look inside his shorts to see if he was still wearing the Little Beetle. I could not tell they were puffy at all. His teach said they are supper easy to pull up and down for both him and the teachers.

Now the reason I didn't catch a photo of him in these trainers and his shorts was we jumped in the wading pool as soon as we got home. It's ninety degrees her in California today and my poor sweaty little kids needed to cool off clothes and all. This actually is what was another selling point for me. No they did not keep the water off him while he swam around but what they did do that was impressive was hold a cup of water just like a plastic bag. I pulled them off of him and literally had to dump the water out. These are my new errand undies.

Out of five stars. This trainer got four from me.
  1. I have washed this trainer a few times and it looks the same as the day I got them.
  2. They held poop and pee in while Declan climbed out of his crib and played a while before we caught him.
  3. They are very easy for him to pull up and down.
  4. They have incredible absorbency.
The only thing that did not excite me is I like color. Color excites my kids and I think it's a big part of potty training fir the child to be excited.

I have seen these trainers going between $14 -$16. I'd recommend them. I think peace of mind is worth the cost. Disposable pull up style trainers cost about that for one package. If my math is right Declan goes through about 3-5 changes a day as an early trainer. If he's like his old brothers he will be in the early trainee group between 5-7 months and then an occasional accident trainee another year going through about 10 changes a week. Not including trips to the pool are playing in sand or mud for another 6 months to a year. That's about 720 changes during the early training and about 320 changes for the later learning phase. Your look at around 1040 changes during training.
There are about 24 disposables in a pack at about $15 would be about 44 packages of pull up style trainers costing you about $660 for one child. I would recommend buying between 6 to 10 trainers including two good ones for over night and spend $160 -$180 save your pocket book and earth at the same time.

I would recommend Mother-ease as a good choice in trainer.
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